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To open a radio player, click the Radio Icon or the Player Link anywhere on our website.

To create your own "Listen-N-Surf Popup Player" Bookmark, open, save as a bookmark, then resize the window out of the way, into the top left corner of your monitor.

You can listen to WBTC The Club, and request a song, from the comfort of the backseat of your designated VIPR!

  1. Download the Simple Radio App (Streema) to your phone.
  2. Search for "WBTC The Club"
  3. Click the to make it a favorite Radio Station!
  4. Click to Start Listening - Dancing!
  5. How to play WBTC through your car's sound system! Simply connect your phone to your car using Blue Tooth or an Aux Cable!
Say... "Alexa, I feel like dancing, Take me to The Club!"




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This Dance Party is a FREE OFFER to all Adult Living Communities around the globe! If you know of any Adult Living Communities that you think would enjoy a Senior Class Promenade, please help and Suggest One or more!

(1) If you have an activities or banquet room, (2) a way to connect a computer, laptop, or tablet to your sound system, (3) and the ability to connect to the internet:, you can offer a Senior Class Promenade or Retro Happy Hour to your residents! NO Disc Jockey required!
  • Consider setting-up a tablet on a counter top, so your residents may request-a-song whenever they like!  >>>

  • If your community has it's own Bar, serving Alcoholic Beverages, you may choose to use the name "Retro Happy Hour" instead!

  • I'll email you a paper sign promoting my Senior Class Promenade (Retro Happy Hour)... and, in the future, if it becomes a permanent activity, I'll send you a Lighted LED Sign.

  • If your community were to become an Official VIPR Village Pickup Spot, and you help advertise it with a lighted LED sign, I will share a 10% Commission with you from every ride that originates from your front door.  >>>

  • Like I mentioned before, The Senior Class Promenade is Free, but, if you want to add fun things like, Best Costume, Best Dance Contest, etc., you can give away Travel Points (think S&H Green Stamps) as prizes, that will only cost $0.01 (one penny) each!

Your residents may Request-a-Song!

Furnish Rides to and From your community!

A dance party, like the Senior Class Promenade/Retro Happy Hour, offers unique benefits for senior citizens compared to more traditional forms of exercise like walking, jogging, yoga, swimming, aerobics, or going to the gym. Here are some of the advantages:

social interaction:
Dance parties provide an opportunity for seniors to socialize and connect with others, reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness commonly experienced in older age. Engaging in group activities like dancing fosters a sense of community and belonging.

physical activity:
Dancing involves movement of the entire body, providing a comprehensive workout that enhances cardiovascular health, flexibility, balance, and muscle strength. It offers a fun and enjoyable way to stay active without feeling like traditional exercise.

mental stimulation:
Learning and remembering dance steps challenges the brain, promoting cognitive function and memory retention. This can help seniors maintain mental sharpness and prevent cognitive decline associated with aging.

emotional well-being:
Dancing releases endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals, which can boost mood and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The music, rhythm, and social interaction associated with dance parties further contribute to emotional well-being and overall happiness.

improvement in balance & coordination:
Many dance styles require coordination and balance, which are crucial for preventing falls and maintaining mobility as seniors age. Regular participation in dance can improve proprioception and spatial awareness, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

variety & fun:
Dance parties offer a dynamic and varied form of exercise compared to more repetitive activities like jogging or swimming. With different styles of music and dance, seniors can enjoy exploring new movements and expressing themselves creatively while having fun.

accessible to all fitness levels:
Dance can be adapted to suit individual abilities and fitness levels, making it accessible to seniors with varying physical capabilities. Whether it's slow waltzes or energetic salsa, there's a dance style suitable for everyone.

long-term engagement:
Unlike traditional exercise routines that may become monotonous over time, dance parties offer ongoing engagement and motivation. Seniors are more likely to stick with a regular exercise regimen when it's enjoyable and socially rewarding.

In summary, a Senior Class Promenade dance party provides numerous physical, mental, and social benefits that contribute to overall health and well-being in older adults, making it a highly attractive option for staying active and vibrant in the senior years.




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I would love your guidance! I want to begin regularly scheduled programming of Classic Radio Shows, 7 Days a Week from 9 pm-10 pm, Would you suggest a better time slot? My logic is, just before bedtime or going out to party! Tell me what you think.

With12 Categories, containing 546 show titles & a combined total of 38,098 episodes, tell which shows you would love to hear (or hear again!).





how you can help!

There are many ways that you can help Retro Random Radio, WBTC The Club!

You may help by telling everyone that you know about WBTC The Club, purchasing any of our branded gifts & apparel, become a VIP supporter by giving a financial gift, become a members-only advertiser or donate products & services for on-air give-aways!

This will help us cover some start-up costs, while offering the best dance music hits with minimal advertising and help us to continue to grow our listenership around the world!











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