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Money Generated

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I would love your guidance! I want to begin regularly scheduled Classic Radio Programs, 7 Days a Week from 9 pm-10 pm, tell me what you think. Would you suggest a better time slot? My logic is, just before bedtime or going out to party!

With12 Categories, containing 546 show titles & a combined total of 38,098 episodes, please pick the shows that you would love to hear (or hear again!).





"Blaine’s Travel Club is dedicated to honoring and celebrating the lives and spirit of the Original Party Animals, our respected and beloved Baby Boomers & Seniors, who inspire us, and during the Swing 20s, 30s & 40s, Rock 'n' Roll 50s, thru the Disco 70s & beyond, have set the standard for how we party, even to this day!

My goal, with your help, is to recreate a Friendlier, Happier, Nostalgic past full of Fun, Energy, Camaraderie, Conversation, Peace & Love, for a life that is enhanced by our personal smart devices, not dominated by them!"
--- Blaine Klingaman

With much inspiration from Baby Boomers & Seniors, I've created the most entertaining, unpredictable, fun, and multigenerational Streaming Radio Station celebrating 100 years of dance music hits, and I named it "Retro Random Radio, WBTC The Club, When Music Was Good, And You Were So Bad”!

Through the power of radio, I can entertain Baby Boomers, Seniors, our Official Business Partners of Blaine's Travel Club and their patrons, VIPs, Travelers (affiliates), Franchisees, etc. and their family & friends, especially those who think young, no matter their age,

I can also grow our membership by promoting our Business Partners, Membership Rewards Entertainment, Parties, Games, Events, Charitable Fun-razors and Social Experiments and educate our listeners on just how easy it is to generate income as an Official Business Partner of Blaine's Travel Club, Traveler (affiliates) & Franchisees!





To open a radio player, click the Radio Icon or the Listen-N-Surf link anywhere on our website.

To create your own "Listen-N-Surf Popup Player" Bookmark, open, save as a bookmark, then resize the window out of the way, into the top left corner of your monitor.

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Say... "Hey Alexa, I feel like dancing, Take me to The Club!"





There are many ways that you can help Retro Random Radio, WBTC The Club!

You may help by telling everyone that you know about WBTC The Club, purchasing any of our branded gifts & apparel, become a VIP supporter by giving a financial gift, become a members-only advertiser or donate products & services for on-air give-aways!

This will help us cover some start-up costs, while offering the best dance music hits with minimal advertising and help us to continue to grow our listenership around the world!











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