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  1. Join The Club! to create your Blaine's Travel Club VIP Account and you're on your way to collecting Travel Points, free cocktails, gifts & coupons and knowing where to party and making money & fun!

  2. Once you're registered, download our Blaine's Travel Club App to your phone, then open HotSpots! on your phone (or here on our website), and you'll always know who's doing what, when & where!

  3. Click the Dashboard link above and login using the same Email Address and Password that you just used to create your account...

    1. Once you're logged in, Click the Profile link under our logo, then fill in your Personal Information in all the Red Fields.

    2. Now, on the left, upload a good quality "square" Headshot of yourself, No Smaller than 250px by 250px. Your Picture will not only appear in your Dashboard, but it will also appear on your personal Blaine's Travel Club Homepage...

    3. If you are considering becoming an Independent Travel Conceirge and will be accepting Affiliate Commission Checks, enter your Check Information into the Green Fields. (if you prefer, you may donate your commissions to the charity of your choice, if this is the case make the check payable to them and enter their mailing address!)



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    I would like to welcome you to Blaine's Travel Club! Please allow 24-48 Hours for us to set-up your VIP Account. I will contact you when your account is ready!


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