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My name's Blaine Klingaman, I'm the Founder of Blaine's Travel Club® which I started developing over 12 years ago.

It's taken this long because, I'm a procrastinator, I'm a perfectionist, I'm doing it all by myself, I'm absolutely crazy, and I keep adding functionality, Oh!, and COVID!

Well, I'm finally ready to kick this thing off, and I'm asking for your help.

I've almost had the money needed to launch VIPR three (3) times now, but the only way that I can see this happening is with donations from business members like you who want to invest in their business' future with Blaine's Travel Club!
  • First, I would like to invite you to join the club as an "Official Blaines Travel Club HotSpot" and receive a Free Membership with all the promotion & help that you need to attract new customers and create repeat business for a stronger and more loyal customer base!

  • I also hope that you decide to become an "Official VIPR Pick-up Spot", and if you do, I will share 10% commissions with you from every ride that originals from your business address, for the life of your business!

  • Also, if you choose to make a donation to my VIPR Funding & Pick-up Spot Search, you can bump your commission as high as 25%, for the life of your business. See details below!


Join The Club!





Become an Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpot and a VIPR Pick-Up Spot, and I'll share a 10% Commission with you on every ride originating from your business address, starting from the first day VIPR launches in your area, and this offer will never expire, during the lifetime of your business!
  • Your company may keep your Commissions to use how you wish.
  • I can add them into your Business Account as VIPR Ride Credits.
  • I can donate your Commissions directly to the Charity of your choice!

if you can afford to, please donate!
The pandemic made me miss my original projected launch date for VIPR, and that's why I'm asking for your help. I only need $8,500 to make VIPR a reality!

If you can afford to give a donation, it will not only speed up the launching of VIPR in your area, and bringing safe rides to and from your business address, but it will mean getting your commissions faster as well!

The more you donate the greater the commission!

vipr donation commissions!

VIPR Donation Commissions will start on the first day VIPR goes live in your area, and will expire in One (1) year. When this offer expires your commissions will drop down to the next level, repeating each year, until you land on the HotSpot Level - 10%, and this will continue for the life of your business!

                    Platinum: Donate $500.00 & receive 30% on every ride!*
              Gold: Donate $250.00 & receive 25% on every ride!*
        Silver: Donate $125.00 & receive 20% on every ride!*
  Bronze: Donate $50.00 & receive 15% on every ride!*
HotSpot: As an Official VIPR Pick-up Spot receive 10% on every ride!*

*originating from your business address.


If you're interested in becoming an Official VIPR Pick-up Spot, contact me with your Company Name, Contact Name, Phone Number or Email Address and I will contact you soon.*

In the meantime, to help build interest with your guests, Print & Hang your Temporary "VIPR Pick-Up Spot" Sign and when your company generates over $100 in rides I’ll give you a permanant, attractive 8x10 Backlit LED VIPR Wall Sign, shown below, to hang near your front door!

NOTE: We will use all information collected to help us determine the region that we should focus on launch VIPR in next.

† Your company must be an Official Blaine's Travel Club® HotSpot.


Pick-Up Spots





please donate to help us launch our vipr rideshare service, then get your donation back plus interest, after vipr goes live in your neighborhood!


Blaine Klingaman
@ Blaine's Travel Club®
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States
Join My Team!, and as an Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpot, become a VIPR Pick-up Spot as well, and receive 10% commission from every ride originating from your business address!

If you donate money to help launch VIPR, you will receive 15%, 20%, or 25% bonus commissions from every ride, depending on your donation amount! With the Bonus Commissions, you will get your donation back, with interest!

If you have any questions, (1) first check the below, if you can't find the answer there, (2) click on the and ask it there, or (3) ask me via my email address on the left.


Join My Team!






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