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Growing up, I've always been told, "It never hurts to ask!" so, I've already asked PEPSICO to sponsor my radio station, and now I'm asking any Celebrity who like my radio station in, and wants to help bring attention to WBTC - The Club, with their celebrity by volunteering to record Intros & Promos!

If you don't already have a high quality voice recorder on your phone, Download Rev Voice Recorder, it's Free!


Record your Intros and Promos as an .mp3, and email them to Blaine Klingaman at...

Let's grow our WBTC - The Club Family by encouraging all your Celebrity Friends to record & send me their Intros & Promos as well!

As a Musician, record & send me your Intro, and I'll air it as a lead-in to any of your songs playing on WBTC - The Club...

"Hi, this is _________________________, and your listening to "Retro Random Radio, WBTC - The Club, When Music Was Good, and You Were So Bad!"

As an Actor, Sports Figure, Musician, Comedian, etc., record as many Promos as you wish from the list below, or write an original one showcasing your personality! Substitute your favorite Greeting, Hi, Hello, Hello there, How's it going, Hey Dudes & Dudettes, etc.

If you need to clarify who you are, please feel free to do so, IE: "Hello, this is Stewie Griffin from the TV Show, Family Guy, and when I listen to WBTC - The Club, I start to feel young again... like the time I spit-up all over Brian, it was so exciting!"

"Hi, this is _________________________, and your listening to "Retro Random Radio, WBTC - The Club, When Music Was Good, and You Were So Bad!"

"Hi, this is _________________________, listening to "Retro Random Radio, WBTC - The Club, brings back so many childhood memories!"

"Hi, this is _________________________, "Retro Random Radio, WBTC - The Club, is One Hundred Years in the Making, and so am I!"

"Hi, this is _________________________, when I work out, I listen to "Retro Random Radio, WBTC - The Club!"

"Hi, this is _________________________, and when I listen to "Retro Random Radio WBTC - The Club I start to feel young again!

"Hi, this is _________________________, and I love dancing at my favorite bar during Blaine's Travel Club presents, Disco Happy Hour!

"Hi, this is _________________________, did you know No Matter Where You Go, There You Are, and so is Blaine's Travel Club! Download the app and you'll know where to Travel, Party, Shop, Eat, Donate, Collect Travel Points, Discounts and Free Stuff!

Do you have a new project coming out soon (Album, Concert, Movie, Podcast, TV Show, etc.)? Record up to a 60 Second Promo, send it to me and I'll get it on-the-air!

If you have any on-air give-a-ways (Album, Concert/Movie Tickets, etc.) to tie-in with your upcoming project promo, send them to me as well.


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