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Hi, my name's Blaine Klingaman and Growing up, I've always been told, "It never hurts to ask!" so, I've already asked PEPSICO to sponsor my radio station, and now I'm asking all Celebrities who like Blaine's Travel Club®, and my new streaming radio station, WBTC - The Club, to use their celebrity to help bring attention to both, by volunteering to record short 15+ second Intros & Promos right on their phone!

If you don't already have a high quality voice recorder on your phone, Download Rev Voice Recorder, it's Free!


Record your Intros & Promos as an .mp3, and email them to me at...

Let's grow our WBTC - The Club Family by encouraging all of your Celebrity Friends to record & send me their Intros & Promos as well!


celebrity music intros!
As a Musician, record & send me your Intro, and I'll air it as a lead-in to any of your songs playing on WBTC - The Club.

"Hi, this is _________________________, and your listening to "Retro Random Radio, WBTC - The Club, When Music Was Good, and You Were So Bad!"

I'm looking for dance music & other historic memories, recorded during the 1920s thru the 2020s. Search the WBTC - The Club Music Database to see is your music is already playing, if it's not, send me a high quality copy to

celebrity promos!
As an Actor, Sports Figure, Musician, Comedian, President, First Lady, etc., record as many Promos as you wish from the suggested list below, or write an original one showcasing your personality, plus if you care to include YOUR UNSOLICITED COMPLIMENTS on how you think I'm doing, I certainly would not object!

If you like, you may substitute your favorite Greeting, Hi, Hello there, How's it going, Hey Dudes & Dudettes, How's it hangin', etc.

If you need to clarify who you are, please feel free to do so, IE: "Hello, this is Stewie Griffin from the TV Show, Family Guy, and when I listen to WBTC - The Club, I start to feel young again... like the time I spit-up all over Brian, oooooooh, it was so exciting!"

"Hi, this is _________________________, and your listening to "Retro Random Radio, WBTC - The Club, When Music Was Good, and You Were So Bad!"

"Hi, this is _________________________, listening to "Retro Random Radio, WBTC - The Club, brings back so many wonderful memories growing up!"

"Hi, this is _________________________, "Retro Random Radio, WBTC - The Club, is One Hundred Years in the Making, and so am I!"

"Hi, this is _________________________, when I (work out / do my cardio / do my palates / etc.), I listen to "Retro Random Radio, WBTC - The Club"... THE NEW "sweatin' to the oldies"!

"Hi, this is _________________________, and when I listen to "Retro Random Radio WBTC - The Club, I start to feel young again!


"Hi, this is _________________________, did you know that No Matter Where You Go, There You Are, and so is Blaine's Travel Club! Download the app to find where to Travel, Party, Shop, Eat, Donate, Collect Travel Points, Discounts and Free Stuff!


"Hi, this is _________________________, and I love dancing at my favorite bar during Blaine's Travel Club presents, Retro Happy Hour... if you would like to start one at your favorite neighborhood bar, visit: for details!

"Hi, this is _________________________, if you would like to start your own "Retro Happy Hour" at your favorite neighborhood bar, visit: for details!


"Hi, this is _________________________, how would like to start your own home-based business from the comfort of your own home, visit for all the "making money & fun" details!


"Hi, this is _________________________, does your business need to attract new customers and generate repeat business for a stronger & more loyal customer base. Consider becoming an Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpot, as a business member you'll receive a massive amount of promotion, coupons, loyalty cards and reward your guests with Travel Points for just about everything they do each and everyday & night while visiting any of our Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpots, offering our Travel Points Entertainment, Games, Events, Charitable Fun-Razors and Social Experiments! For complete details visit:


"Hi, this is _________________________, A unique rideshare's coming to town, and it's called VIPR! VIPR has a sense of humor, caring, community, and giving back however they can! So, start collecting Travel Points on your next ride for that Free Gift of your choice! Visit

(pronounced "viper"... please spell the web address out, V I P R dot online!)


"Hi, this is _________________________, if you would like to help raise money for your favorite non-profit organization, visit for details, that's F U N hyphen R A Z O R dot COM!

(please repeat, by spelling the web address out and don't forget the hyphen!)


Do you have a favorite 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that you like to raise money for? The Celebrity Charity Challenge is a fun and perpetual way to raise money, without passing a donation bucket!

All you have to do is join the Blaine's Travel Club Travelers Affiliate Program, and as a Traveler encourage your fans to join your team to help raise money for your favorite charity. Celebrity Charity Challenge - How it works!

"Hi, this is _________________________, please join my Celebrity Team, and help me raise money for     (say your charity's name)    , and I pledge to donate 100% of the money that I receive through my Celebrity Charity Challenge! For complete details visit,

Now, I would like to Challenge my friend     (say your celebrity friend's name)     to take the Celebrity Charity Challenge by joining my team, and starting your own Celebrity Team to raise money for your favorite charity!



celebrity project promos!
Do you have a new project coming up (Album, Concert, Movie, Podcast, TV Show, etc.)? Record up to a 60 Second Promo, and I'll get it on-the-air, email the .mp3 to...

If you have any on-air give-a-ways (Album, Concert/Movie Tickets, Book, Personal Meet & Greet, etc.) to tie-in with your upcoming project, send them to me, along with a brief script, to:

Celebrity Projects!
Blaine Klingaman / WBTC - The Club
2255 Lenox Rd. NE Suite G-8
Atlanta, Georgia, US, 30324



thank you for your help and interest in wbtc the club!


Blaine Klingaman
@ Blaine's Travel Club®
Atlanta, Georgia 30324
United States



Thank you for your consideration of using your Celebrity to help bring attention to my internet radio Station, WBTC - The Club, by recording short intros and promos which will also keep your name on the lips of my listeners!

I would also love it if you would consider sending me a photo or yourself, or your group, that with your permission I may use for promoting my internet radio station, WBTC - The Club!

Also, I would love it if you would consider taking the Celebrity Charity Challenge, so that you and your fans may raise money for your favorite 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

If you have any questions, please check the FAQs below, if you can't find your answer, ask it through our chat system in the bottom right corner of this page.

I hope you have an Outrageously Good Time being an Honorary Blaine's Travel Club Celebrity, and as always, Please Drink Responsibly, and if not, request a VIPR.


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