WBTC The Club Masterclass: One Hundred Years of Dance!

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Blaine's Travel Club is thrilled to announce a global search for LGBTQ+Ally Dance Studios to partner with us in our groundbreaking program, "WBTC The Club's Masterclass: One Hundred Years of Dance."

This initiative aims to celebrate a century of dance music hits, brought to you by our Internet Radio Station, Retro • Random • Radio, WBTC The Club, known for its slogan, "When Music Was Good, and You Were So Bad."

about the program!
The "WBTC The Club's Masterclass" offers an immersive experience, taking participants on a historical journey through 100 years of dance music. Each masterclass will cover iconic dance styles from the 1920s to the 2020s, enabling students to learn and appreciate the evolution of music & dance.

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Become an Authorized Dance Studio

The past few years have been tough for everyone, now is the perfect time to come together to teach the world to dance, love each other, and celebrate the rich history of music and dance!

We invite dance studios that value inclusivity, diversity, and the joy of dance to become part of this exciting global movement.

become a partner!
If your studio is interested in partnering with Blaine's Travel Club and WBTC The Club, as an Authorized Masterclass Dance Studio, please open the partnership agreement below, fill it out, then email it to: masterclass@wbtctheclub.com. We will immediately begin the setup process, and contact you when it is completed!

join our masterclass!
If you would like to learn 100 years of dance, contact the Authorized Masterclass Dance Studio nearest you, from the list above, for pricing, and scheduling details.

masterclass dance students!
As a Masterclass Dance Student, you can take your passion another step further when you signup to become a "Travel Ambassador" through Blaine's Travel Club Affiliate Program. As a Travel Ambassador, you have the opportunity to:
  • Earn Money: Sign bars and nightclubs into your downline for our weekday "Retro Happy Hour" dance parties and other business promotions powered by WBTC The Club. The money, $100.00 per bar, per month, earned can help pay for your dance lessons, making dance more accessible.

  • Hone Your Dance Skills: These weekday dance parties provide a fun atmosphere where you can practice and perfect your new and old dance moves.




dancin’ the night away! don’t know how? our authorized masterclass dance studios will teach you how to groove!


Carmen Hunter
@ Hunters Choice
Southampton, Hampshire SO169HR
United Kingdom

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