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Money Generated
Money Generated

Please help make my dream of adding a unique community-based rideshare service to Blaine's Travel Club a reality! I only need $8,500 in seed money for the purchase of the VIPR App! Transform your Hometown into a VIPR Village! Check out my awesome VIPR Crowdfunding Perks! Seeking VIPR Pickup Spots!












nothing to buy, no quotas to meet, and it’s recession proof!
Affiliate Programs require you to purchase their product, and reach a certain quota each month in order to keep your downline that you've been working so hard to grow.

Blaine's Travel Club Affiliate Program is different, because instead of selling tangible products to your friends & family, you will be selling our business-building promotions directly to businesses to help them attract new customers and generate repeat business for a stronger and more loyal customer base!

With that being said, as an Independent Traveler, you will have no products to purchase each month and there are no quotas to meet, so you will never loose your downline, EVER!

Plus, our affiliate program is also Recession Proof! meaning, when sales slow down for businesses, like during a pandemic, the business owner knows to invest more money in promotions and advertising in order to attract customers and boost sales, compared to when money gets tight for your friends and family, the first thing they will probably cut are non-essential affiliate purchases in order to stay afloat.


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join my team, and i will show you just how easy it is making money and fun!

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Carmen Hunter
@ Hunters Choice
Southampton, Hampshire SO169HR
United Kingdom
The thing I like best about Blaine's Travel Club® Affiliate Marketing Program, over all the rest, is there are no monthly products to buy, and you'll NEVER loose your downline, even if you take several years to start a family, go to college, or take a sabbatical! Plus, when you're a Traveler, it's so much fun!

When you're ready to get started, never hesitate to ask me any questions that you may have!

If you have any questions, (1) first check the below, if you can't find the answer there, (2) click on the and ask it there, or (3) ask me via my email address on the left.


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