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By concocting a drink named after your Bar, the whole world will be "Looking At You Kid!" and saying your name! A party wouldn't be complete without cocktails and the Blaine's Travel Club is a Party of Global Proportions! Design an original HotSpot Signature Drink or Shooter and, with the help of our Blaine's Travel Club App, we'll put your drink recipe in the hands of our Blaine's Travel Club VIPs & Bartenders and make your Bar famous worldwide!


All types of drinks are eligible: hot, cold, flaming and shooters; including body shot and upside down. Must be an original recipe and have "Blaine's", "2Sexy" or "Sex....." in the name like, "I'm Rich & Blaine's", "2Sexy for This Joint" or "Sexual Healing" or include your Bar's name in the title for better branding, like "Stephen's Saloon"!

  • For each original recipe, accepted by the Blaine's Travel Club, the Mixologist who created it will be awarded 5,000 Travel Points* that may be redeemed for any of the thousand of quality gifts found in our Blaine's Travel Points Gift Mall, or convert them into spending cash!

  • Each accepted Drink or Shooter will appear in our Signature Drink Recipe Database on our Blaine's Travel Club App giving credit to the mixologist who created it and your bar.
Put your bartenders up to the Challenge, Print & Hang this Poster where they will see it!


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