Independent Travel Concierges Sales Literature & Organizer!

To be a successful Independent Travel Concierge, I wanted to help you easily educate prospective Business Members while saving you time and money plus guarantee brand consistency, so I've created Blaine's Travel Network® Sales Literature and the Travel Concierge Organizer to keep them in.

Open & Print the PDF files that you believe will help each business attract New Customers and build Repeat Business for a stronger and more loyal customer base!

Always be prepared and professional! Always have the answers to their questions with a Travel Concierge Organizer!

----- please be patient while we convert each web page into a printable PDF -----


Heavenly Talent Agency - BTC--HTA - BTC--RB / RedBeats Music Club - BTC--RBMC

FREE!   Blaine's Trick Cards - BTC--BTC

*Fallen Angels - BTC--FA
*Hot Lips Body Shot Charity Challenge - BTC--HLBS

*Sexhibition - BTC--SEXY
*Sexy Smart Ass - BTC--SSA
*Pact With The Devil - BTC--PWTD
*Sunday T-Dance - BTC--STD






The Travel Concierge Organizer is a compact easy to carry hanging file folder case that will help you keep all your sales literature organized and within easy reach.

To get you started, each organizer comes with Five (5) of each sales literature and the availability to download and print more as you need them!

All sales literature comes with generic contact information, but, for a small service charge, we will personalize everything with your photo, contact information and personalized Travel Concierge Web Address! You'll be able to download and print your personalized sales literature from your Private File Library.