Hot University is a Tuition-Free Online Community College available to all Blaine's Travel Network® VIPs, Independent Travel Concierges, Franchisees, Volunteers, Official HotSpots, and Non-Profit Organizations & their staff, where you're not only a member of the student body but a member of the faculty as well!

Hot University is the only institution of higher education offering a Doctor of Party hearty Degree (PhD).

Amass all the experience and knowledge available to you within Hot University! Ask specific questions on how to build your downline, earn more money, and where are the best community Hot Spots offering the best entertainment, events & parties. Absorb as much information as they're willing to teach, and utilize it for a brighter future!

I'm certain that as you gain your own life experiences, as a Blaine's Travel Network® Member, that you'll want to pass them on to the entire faculty and student body of Hot U!

Write articles, make informative videos or open a chat session are only a few of the great ways to teach your experiences. Answer questions like: What methods did you use to become successful and what pitfalls have you avoided?... Did promoting businesses in your network really increase your income?... Will I still make money if I walk away from a business that I just signed into my network?... just to name a few.

You're Never Too Old To Learn... so let's get started!



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