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Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in the column to find an Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpot near you offering Retro Happy Hour!

Times May Vary!

Bumper to Bumper Traffic or do the Bump [2] [3], you decide! Get out of rush-hour traffic and join young spirited Seniors & Baby Boomers dressed in the style and dance to the music from the Disco Era! If you don't use it, you loose it! Younger generations are always encouraged to attend to learn a little bit about history and how to have fun without hand held devices!

If you jog, do aerobics or palates to keep your Body Fit and cross-word puzzles and sudoku to keep your Mind Fit, why not visit a local Retro Happy Hour to become Disco Fit, if you're crazy for retro music like I am, you'll have a Disco Fit! All you have to do is Dance, Dance, Dance, you'll get the same results but with more fun and liquor!
Collect up to 5,000 Travel Points every weekday during Disco Happy Hour! Promotions may vary from location to location! You may redeem your Travel Points at anytime, for any of the thousands of quality gifts found in our Travel Points Gift Mall & Redemption Center.



Do you have a favorite Bar or Nightclub that you would like to see offer Disco Happy Hour, so you can dance, drink and collect Travel Points? Enter their Name & contact information below.

Don't forget to include your Name & contact information so that I can send you your $100.00 Social Security Commission Check each month!






Do you like Making Money & Fun? As an Independent Traveler, your job description is to promote Bars & Businesses in your network and help them attract New Customers, generate Repeat Business and entertain their patrons! You'll receive a Social Security Commission Check, that will grow exponentially, each month!





Would your Bar like to Attract New Customers and generate Repeat Business for a stronger and more loyal customer base? Disco Happy Hour & Travel Points will make your cash registers sing, making your sales higher than your Platform Shoes!

One of our friendly Independent Travelers will gladly help you organize your Disco Happy Hour and create your own personalized Travel Points Rewards Program that will easily fit into your business plan & budget! In our App, we also offer digital VIP Flash Coupons and digital VIP Loyalty Cards to help you grow your business, ask your Independent Traveler for complete details!













Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in the column to find Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpots nearest you, offering Sunday T-Dance!

Tea Dances were a common cultural reference in early 20th-century British and American fiction as a staple of genteel society, where people normally attend these receptions while visiting resort towns, especially coastal ones such as Brighton, the Hamptons, Provincetown, or Ogunquit.

In the United States, since the late 20th-century, the term has been broadened to refer to any casual afternoon dance event with tea.

In the mid 1970s, with the explosion of Disco and Gay Culture, Tea Dances (AKA: T-Dance or T Dance), were quite simply created as another reason to dance and drink alcohol on a Sunday Afternoon, even for those who just confessed their sins in Church that morning, and with the comfort of knowing that they can confess their sins again next week!







You're sitting at the bar, it's quiet, maybe even boring, and someone mentions that they wish there was a dance floor and some awesome music playing... call the bartender over and tell them you want a Flash Dance!

The bartender turns around, opens the laptop behind the bar, connects to, and BAM, Spontaneous Combustamove!

Turn this into a Dance Party by contacting all your friends through social media, texting or a quick phone call, now that's how we do a Flash Dance!

* Only Official Blaine's Travel Club Hot Spots may offer Flash Dances!






Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in the column to find an Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpot near you offering Delicious RedBeats & Gravy - Dine, Dance, Drink!

You go to your favorite Restaurant for an amazing meal, drinks and some enjoyable conversation with friends, then as you're finishing your meal everyone decides that they want to go dancing, what do you do?

Instead of getting in your car, driving somewhere else and finding a parking space (again), why not visit a Hot Spot offering Delicious Redbeats & Gravy!

When you arrive at the Hot Spot, relax and enjoy your meal, drinks and some friendly conversation, then wait for the kitchen to close and watch in amazement as the servers begin removing tables from the dining room, making it into a dance floor!

You will feel the excitement & anticipation build as tables are being removed, the music builds and the dining room lights dim! Just as the last table is being removed, buy another drink and hit the Dance Floor!

Let's Get Down & Boogie!




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