Blaine's Branding™ Outdoor Advertising!


BILLBOARD PHOTO CHALLENGE: To celebrate the exciting launch of our Outdoor Advertising Campaign, I will reward you with 5,000 Party Points for the best photo you take of any of our Digital Billboards in your area!

Look at the map below for green dots, if you live in the vacinity a green dot, contact me and I will send you the exact address/location of the billboard(s).

Send your best quality photos to, along with your email address. By sending us your photos, you acknowledge that they will become the property of The iSexy Party Network and you give us the right to use them however we choose! LIMIT: One (1) Reward Per Ad, Per Billboard, Per Person!



NOTE: Our Outdoor Advertising may vary from location to location, some digital billboards may only display one rotating advertisement while others may display multiple rotating advertisements.