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When you Join The Party you'll receive exclusive membership privileges to many Money Making & Savings Perks, if you choose to use them!

Money Saving: As a Blaine's Travel Network VIP, you'll instantly be able to scan & collect valuable Travel Points, using our App, redeemable for any of the thousands of quality products found in our Part Points Gift Mall, claim complimentary drinks & shooters from around the world by showing your VIP Party Passport at any Party Patrol Checkpoint and redeem any of the valuable VIP Flash Coupons offered by our Official Blaine's Travel Network HotSpots!


Money Making: As an Independent Travel Concierge, you will help us build an outrageously powerful travel network through our Blaine's Travel Network Power Pyramid Affiliate Program and receive residual Social Security Commission Checks for your efforts each and every month or if you're really serious about firing your boss, purchase one of our Blaine's Travel Network Franchises and start down the road to financial independence.







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