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*Technically it's not a car, but it will get you there in style and you're not really Winning it, you're actually earning it! Elio is the Official Vehicle of the Blaine's Party Network® that achieves an amazing 84 MPG Highway, is Made in America utilizing 90% North American Content and is Engineered for a 5-Star Crash Test Safety Rating. Standard features include A/C and heat, AM/FM stereo, power windows, power door lock, three air bags, auxiliary port, ABS and traction control. Another important fact, it's better than Cow Farts!


That's right, you can Win a Company Car! Well, technically it's not a Car, but it will get you there in style and you're not really Winning it, you're actually Earning it!

As a VIP & Affiliate of our Party Concierge Affiliate Program, you're working hard to promote the Blaine's Party Network, the Party Points Rewards Program and all the Bars & Businesses in your network, so your efforts shouldn't go unnoticed!

As you build your network, your income will exponentially grow and we want to offer you a challenge that will give you the drive to grow it even faster! On the day that we write you a commission check for your 10,000th Commission Dollar, we will place an order for your Brand New Personalized Elio.†

Driving around town in your Hot New Elio and parking in front of the Bars & Businesses in your network, during a promotional night or The Grand Opening of an Angel's Kiss Casino, will become an amazing marketing tool garnering you more sign-ups and even more income!

The sky's the limit, so think big! Start by deciding what color your Elio will be and what contrasting graphics will get you really noticed! Let's go for it!



† The Fine Print: Unlike other direct marketing companies that give away company cars, on a lease basis, your Elio is actual yours to keep! You must agree to keep the graphics on the car for at least 5 years (or as long as they are still neat and presentable looking). You must agree to pay any destination/delivery charge, taxes, title and registration fees plus any customizable options that you may choose to personalize your Elio with. You understand that the Blaine's Party Network will pay for the graphics and the targeted $6,800 base price only.

About those Cow Farts: One cow produces 242 lbs of methane a year through burps and flatulence. Methane traps 20 times more heat than CO2 over a 100-year period. (SOURCE: Get Green Living) In a year, the average cow will emit 4,840 lbs of CO2 equivalent greenhouses gases. An Elio Motors vehicle, driven 20,000 miles, will only emit only 4,500 lbs of CO2. So... the Elio is more environmentally friendly than cow farts.




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