My New Boyfriend!

I'm going to bust if I don't tell someone! I have a New Boyfriend, his name's Brandin, he and I have been together since March 2020!

In the beginning, some people said that he was too young for me and others said that he was nothing but a common Street Hustler, but I'll tell you one thing, ever since the day I paid for him and brought him home, he's never mentioned money, not even once!

I believe he truly cares for me, and not money, because I've asked Brandin if he would model the designs that I'm creating through my promotional company, "Blaine's Branding", and he said YES!, well, he never really said Yes, but then again he never said NO either! As you get to know Brandin, you'll find out that he's very quiet and doesn't speak much.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my exciting news and Please wish us luck, both personally & professionally, and look forward to my upcoming designs and Brandin modeling them!

With love, your friend, Blaine Klingaman, Founder: Blaine's Branding & Blaine's Travel Club®