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Do you need an online presence to sell your merchandise? I'm offering any individual or business the opportunity to open a Rent-Free Online Retail Store* in our Travel Points Gift Mall & Redemption Center, giving you added publicity and increased sales, all the while increasing the total number of Gifts our VIPs may redeem their Travel Points for!

Sell your handmade arts & crafts, your company's Promotional Items, Gift Cards, Products & Services to our Blaine's Travel Club® VIPs worldwide! Nightclubs & Bars may offer the advanced sale of regular priced or discounted Bar Tabs to help Local or Traveling VIPs get their party started!

There's NO Set-up Fee and NO Monthly Subscription or Fees. We simply deduct a reasonable 15% Commission from each sale you generate.

We supply the Payment Gateway, so you don't have to! Your store will have its own link directing your customers to your profile page displaying your company logo, banner, company description, ratings, products and product categories.

You'll have your own administrative dashboard, where you may manage...
  • Your listings, profile page info, logo and images
  • Add products one by one or in bulk
  • Set coupons and volume discounts
  • Set shipping zones, methods and rates
  • Update global product options and tabs
  • Get reports and chat with customers
  • Approve, reject and edit product ratings and reviews
Travel Points Gift Mall & Redemption Center has a powerful notification system that will help you manage your products and orders efficiently.

Even though your customers may purchase your products with Travel Points and/or an Online Cash Payment, you will receive full payment in Cash for the shipping cost and full payment in Cash for the merchandise sold (minus the 15% Commission).

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