Blaine's Travel Club® presents VIP Party Passport, Certification To Party Around The Globe & Drink Free!



Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in the column to find an Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpot and VIP Welcome Checkpoint near you accepting our Official VIP Party Passport, to help you create your party & travel itinerary, giving you Certification to Party Around the Globe & Drink Free!




Look for this Outdoor Billboard on the Florida Turn Pike (Highway 91) @ Highway 441 (both sides, facing North & South)



Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpots around the globe want to welcome you to their home town and offer you complimentary drink(s) on your first visit!

So, get a group of friends together and pick a distant party destination, pile into a car, van, bus, cruise ship or airplane and take a trip to a location that you've never been before!

Present your Official VIP Party Passport and a government-issued Driver's License or Picture ID to the bartender stationed at Blaine's Travel Club VIP Welcome Checkpoint!

Once your age, identity and citizenship is verified the bartender will stamp your Official VIP Party Passport with the Bar's Official VIP Welcome Checkpoint Stamp and then serve you the complimentary drink(s) of your choice, offered by the bar.

The farther you travel, the more complimentary drinks you’ll receive! If you travel to...

By signing your VIP Party Passport, you understand and agree to the following…
  1. Once you received your complimentary drink(s) and your Official VIP Party Passport has been stamped with the Bar's Welcome Stamp, the offer will be considered fulfilled and may not be used again! One stamp per location.

  2. Bars will never serve alcoholic beverages to anyone underage, anyone who has already exceeded their limit, or anyone that does not have proper identification that does not match the identifying information in their Official VIP Party Passport.

  3. If your VIP Party Passport has been altered, such as erasures, torn or missing pages, the bartender has the authority to confiscate your passport immediately and mail it back to us with no refunds!
  4. When your VIP Party Passport is full, with over 100 VIP Welcome Checkpoint Stamps, mail it back to us for a Complimentary New One, plus we'll add 25,000 Travel Points to your Travel Points Gift Mall Account!



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