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Blaine's Travel Club App, is a Guide to Outrageous Fun, VIP Perks & Travel Points, created to promote Retail Businesses, Bars & Nightclubs with the best online, on location and B2B cross promotion ever created!

Please take a few moments to check out your Free Trial Account and if you like what you see, create your Free Permanant Account and we'll begin promoting your company within 24 hours! All we ask in return is that you Cross-Promote us!

Your Trial Account expires in 30 days, so if you do not create your Permanent Account by then, we will assume that you are not interested in our Free Cross-Promotion Services and therefore will delete your Sample Travel Guide Listing and Company Logo, with no hard feelings.




  1. To view what your Sample Travel Guide Listing looks like, which includes "tap to call" and "hyperlinked text" linking to your company's website, click the Hot Spots! link above! Click on the Globe Icon at the bottom to see your Bar's Map Pin on our Blaine's Travel Club Hot Spots World Map!

    Your Travel Guide and World Map Listings will not only be viewed by our website visitors, but, all of our VIPs who have our Blaine's Travel Club App installed on their phone!

  2. Next, Scroll down and watch for your rotating Company Logo, hyperlinked to your company's official website! Branding's important, so if you do not like how we represented your company logo, please send us another one (for optimum quality, a square 1080 x 1080px image on a black background).

  3. Join The Party! As an Official Hot Spot, you'll not only receive a Free Travel Guide, World Map Listing & Company Logo Placement on our website, but we'll send a "push notification" & post your Company's Logo, address and phone number on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Accounts, announcing to the world that you're our newest Official Blaine's Travel Club Hot Spot!

    As an Official Blaine's Travel Club Hot Spot, you'll also have the opportunity of attracting New Guests and generating Repeat Business for a stronger and more loyal customer base, by using our Optional Business Building System, featuring our outrageous Travel Points Entertainment, Games, Events, Charitable Fun-Razors and Social Experiments!

  4. VIPs around the world are very thirsty! As an Official Hot Spot, how would you like even more Free Publicity... Design & Add Your Bar's Signature Drink to our drink database and we'll include your company logo, address and "tap-to-call" phone number in your Signature Drink Listing.

    To create your Permanent Account, it's ABSOLUTELY FREE, and to see the complete list of Optional Business Building Blocks available to you, click the button below!

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