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While formulating the concept behind Blaine's Travel Club®, I wanted to make it easy for anyone to become a Franchise Owner and live their American Dream!

You only need to purchase One (1) Blaine's Travel Club® Universal Franchise, and with it, you may purchase and operate as many of our Home-Based Business Franchise Kits as you wish; Angel's Kiss Casinos, Hot Lips Body Shot Charity Challenge, or Sexhibition, the first game I developed way back in 1995!

This is a "Lifetime" Franchise, that never expires, and there are No Yearly Renewal Fees! All you pay are the Franchise Fees stated in the Franchise Kit Agreement of each Home-Based Business.

I want to make it even easier for you to get started! If you can't afford to purchase a Blaine's Travel Club® Universal Franchise at this time, I've created what I call the Jump Starter Program.

All you do is simply purchase the Franchise Kit that you can afford and agree to make at least a $40.00 payment toward your Blaine's Travel Club® Universal Franchise each month, paying it off in 12 Months or less!

There's absolutely No Finance Fees, if paid off within the allotted 12 Month Period! After your Blaine's Travel Club® Universal Franchise is paid for, you may continue to grow your home-based business empire by purchasing any of our other Home-Based Franchise Kits.

I'm looking forward to helping you start and grow your Home-Based Business!

Blaine Klingaman
Founder & CEO,
Blaine's Travel Club®, LLC






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