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WBTC - The Club is celebrating 100 Years of Dance Music and other historic memories, 1920s - 2020s, so, if you've been entertaining anytime during the past 100 years, either as a musician or radio actor, please continue reading!

Send me a high resolution quality picture of yourself or your group, along with written permission allowing me to use your likeness whenever I'm promoting WBTC - The Club, and/or you or your group! Send them to:






i am so excited to have you on my team!

using your celebrity, and taking up very little of your time, i would love to show you a perpetual way to raise money for your favorite charity!


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As a Celebrity, Join My Team to Help me, Help you and your fans, raise the most money possible for your favorite 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

I would also love it if you would consider sending me a photo or yourself, or your group, that with your permission I may use for promoting my internet radio station, WBTC - The Club, and use your celebrity to help bring attention to Blaine's Travel Club®, by volunteering to record short 15+ second Intros & Promos right on your phone!

I hope you have an Outrageously Good Time as a Traveler, and as always, Please Drink Responsibly, and if not, request a VIPR.


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