Blaine's Travel Club® Hotspot Signature Drinks Challenge



make your bar famous!
challenge your bartenders to create your own original signature drink!


Design a signature drink branding it with your bar's name, add it to our drink database, then wherever your guests travel around the globe, any bartender in the world may find your drink's recipe using our phone app!

Your Bar must be an Official Blaine's Travel Club Business Partner and the drink must be an original recipe, any type: hot, cold, flaming, non-alcoholic & shooters; including body shot and upside down.

Each Drink Architect will receive 5,000 Travel Points, for their accepted original drink recipe, redeemable for any of the thousands of quality gifts found in our Travel Points Gift Mall & Redemption Center. You & your bar will receive kudos for your delicious concoction and Worldwide Recognition through our Blaine's Travel Club App and Website. Put your bartenders up to the Challenge, Print & Hang this Poster where they will see it!


This Business Promotion is Absolutely Free, With Your Business Partner Membership!



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