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Each homeless person has a story of how they ended up on the streets. For those who wish to turn their life around, I want to help them write a positive new chapter of their life!
-- Blaine Klingaman, Founder Blaine's Travel Club



To help homeless people, the solution is not to just give them money, but to give them hope, encouragement, guidance & the tools they need to earn their own money!

"Blainesville Route180 Program" will be a unique 24 Month Six-Step Program, that will help participants regain their self-confidence and worthiness as they move forward to becoming a self-reliant individual. And here's my solution...
Earning an income & how to spend it wisely!

I encourage any Traveler who wishes to help someone, to go out and meet some homeless people and when you find the one who's story captures your heart, and you feel safe & confident around them, offer to give them the guidance they need to help them turn their life around!

Example: Arrange to meet them once a week at a Coffee Shoppe or Restaurant that has WiFi, buy them a coffee or something to eat, get to know them better through conversation.

Bring your laptop to help them find a job online, and/or show them how becoming a Traveler, that they can earn their own money with "Blaine's Travel Club presents Disco Happy Hour"!

This is the easiest, fastest, and most consistant way to earn money, while they live on the streets! They will receive a $100.00 social security commission check each month from each bar that you help them sign-up! (you as their mentor will receive a $50.00 social security commission check as well)!

Whenever a Blainesville Route 180 Participant is financially ready, they may move on to Phase Two.





Some homeless people are fortunate enough to acquire a job, but keeping it sometimes proves to be difficult, IE: getting a good nights sleep, having an alarm clock to wake up to, transportation to work, always having clean clothing and keeping one's personal hygiene on point, any of these could be the cause for termination! And here's my solution...
A safe, clean, comfortable place to stay!
(This is a conceptualisation. Final concept may differ!)

As a RideShare Driver, I travel all over Atlanta and I see many empty shopping centers and malls. My wish is to acquire one, either through donation or a reasonable 99 Year lease, name it "Blainesville Route 180" and turn it into a multi-use facility for homeless people transitioning back into society.

"Blainesville Route 180" will Include...
  • Living Accomodations
  • Communal Showers & Toilets
  • Hair Salon & Barber Shop *
  • Second-Hand Clothing Store *
  • Job Bulletin Board
  • Group Talks-In-The-Round
  • Convenience Store *
  • Cafeteria *
  • Computer Lab
  • Entertainment Center
  • Financial Advisors
  • Therapists
* Each transitioning resident, will be given a "Residential Card" giving them 50% Off all the paid amenities indicated above.

Blainesville Route 180, will be a unique 24 Month Six-Step Program...
  1. Personal Income, Street Donations/Traveler Commission Checks.

  2. Rent a personal Living Tube for only $5.00 per night.
    (Limited stay = 2 Months)

  3. Rent a Mini Home for $15.00 per night.
    (Limited stay = 4 Months)

  4. Rent a Mini Home w/Bathroom for $25.00 per night.
    (Limited stay = 6 Months)

  5. Rent an off-location Apartment sponsored by Blainesville Route 180.
    (Limited stay = 12 Months)

  6. Graduate by moving into their new residence, completing the Blainesville Route 180 Program.


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