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By leaving advertising space blank, inserting "Your Ad Goes Here!" or giving away free ads to fill those vacant spaces definately screams "We're loosing our touch and we can't compete with our competition"!

Often times when you do give away Free Filler Ads to loyal advertisers, they won't notice or even appreciate it, and, if they do notice they might expect more Free Advertising therefore diminishing the effectiveness & value of your brand!

No matter how you justify it, you're not making any money by this kind gesture, plus you don't want your company to appear to be faltering, so this must stop here and now!

To Stop The Curse, Join My Team!, become an Official Blaine's Travel Network Hot Spot and join our Blaine's Travel Network Power Pyramid (all Three are Free!)

Then whenever you have empty space to fill, fill it with an advertisement promoting Blaine's Travel Network and to guarantee your sign-ups & residual income, always include your company's personalized Travel Concierge Link....

Granted, at first you won't make any money promoting Blaine's Travel Network (just like your filler ads), but over time as Bars & Businesses join your network and create their own Travel Points Rewards Program and pay for the Travel Points that they gave away each month, your media company will begin receiving a monthly 10% Social Security Commission Check that will grow to equalling and eventually surpassing the amount that your company would normally charge for the same size ad space.

When you're ready to start building your brand instead of throwing money out the window, have your People (art department) contact our People (art department) and together we can create the most effective advertisements promoting Blaine's Travel Network, building your network and increasing your bottom line!

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The best way to make money is through very little effort! How would you like to make more revenue, faster, from the purchase of Party Points by Business Members in your network, not to mention generate additional ad sales* in the process?

Get your Sales Reps involved! They already have their foot in the door selling advertisements to their accounts, allow them to sign those same Bars & Businesses into Blaine's Party Network, as well, generating more revenue! There's two options...
  1. Encourage your Sales Reps to sign Bars & Business into your company's network as Official Blaine's Party Network HotSpots and you'll receive a monthly 10% Social Security Commission Check from all the Party Points given away & purchased by them!

  2. Have your Sales Reps join your company's network and allow them to sign Bars & Businesses into their network as an Official Blaine's Party Network HotSpots, they will receive a monthly 10% Social Security Commission Check from all the Party Points purchased and your company will receive 5% as well!

    The advantage to Option Two is, it will draw new Advertising Sales Reps to your company, the 10% Commission will motivate all your sales reps to sign more Bars & Business into their Network as Official Blaine's Party Network HotSpots, and if they ever leave your employ you're company will always receive 5% from those sign-ups, plus, your company will also receive 5% Commissions from all future sign-ups your ex-sales reps generate!

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*Whichever option you choose, there's always the possibility that more ad space will be purchased by the new Blaine's Party Network HotSpots that wish to promote that their location gives away Party Points and/or they're offering Outrageous Party Points Entertainment, Games, Events, Charitable Fun-razors and Social Experiments!

  If you're print media that displays a list of your advertisers and what they offer, we welcome you to use our Travel Points indicator showing which Bars & Businesses are giving away Travel Points!




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