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As an Independent Business Owner, you drive people from Point A to Point B to generate your income! Now you can supplement your supplemental income by becoming a Travel Concierge and in no time you'll be Making (more) Money & Fun! Our Social Security works!

Your riders are seeking Discounts, Free Stuff!, Rewards Points, Outrageous Entertainment, Games, Events, Social Experiments and Great Shopping Experiences! With Blaine's Travel Club App they may access our complete list of Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpots, to see who's doing what, when & where!

Our HotSpots wish to build a stronger and more loyal customer base, and to do so, are giving away Discounts, Free Stuff! and valuable Travel Points for your participation in raising money for charity and an assortment of Outrageous Entertainment, Games, Events, Social Experiments and Great Shopping Experiences, through our Membership Rewards Program!

As you can see there's a mutual attraction between your Riders & our HotSpots, so, as a Travel Concierge it's only natural for you to play matchmaker, generating more ride requests and income for yourself!

Generate supplemental income by building your Blaine's Travel Club! As an Independent Travel Concierge, you'll want to seek out Retail Businesses, Bars & Nightclubs wishing to attract new customers, build repeat business for a stronger and more loyal customer base. Convince them to join your network and create their own Membership Rewards Program, and by giving away Travel Points, will draw Hot VIPs to their door, like a magnet!

The more HotSpots your have in your network and the more Outrageous Entertainment, Games, Events and Social Experiments they each add to their weekly business plan will exponentially generate more Travel Points given away, resulting in a larger Social Security Commission Check for you each month!

At the end of each month, each Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpot in your network will pay for the Travel Points that they gave away, generating you a 10% Social Security Commission Check from their Cash Purchases!

This includes, but is not limited to, the Cash Purchases made by any Blaine's Travel Club VIP or HotSpot in your network; Travel Points, Gift Mall Purchases, The Travel Concierge Self-Promoting Tip Box, VIP Loyalty Cards, VIP Flash Coupons, VIP Party Passports, Bandwidth Usage Fees, Affiliate Marketing Materials & Supplies, Blaine's Travel Club Franchises & Fees, etc.

To make it easier for you and get the conversation started, we've created The Travel Concierge Self-Promoting Tip Box that gradually changes color, giving the cab of your vehicle a colorful disco-like party glow!

It comes complete with a Tip Box, Personal Device Charging Station, Candy Box, 250 Tri-Fold Brochures, 250 Two-sided Income Cards (Seeking Travel Concierges! and promotion for your company, IE: Drivers Wanted!) & 250 Business Cards promoting your Blaine's Travel Club Home-based Business, all printed with your Personal Travel Concierge Link:


Consider making your vehicle an Official Blaine's Travel Club Mobile HotSpot, and as a business member, give Travel Points to your riders as a Thank You for riding with you! This will create a lasting impression and generate more repeat ride requests!





Atlanta, Georgia, USA -- At Blaine's Travel Club® we take pride in helping our VIPs, Very Intelligent Partiers, find Amazing Shopping Experiences, Discounts, Free Stuff, Outrageous Travel Atmospheres with rewarding Entertainment and Games, but we’re also concerned for their safety and well-being while doing so.

To resolve our concerns, we decided to develop our own Rideshare Service and we’re calling it, Very Intelligent Partier Rides, VIPR for short -“viper”

We're only a few months away from our official launch, so I want to get a head-start collecting names & contact information of interested independent contractors that would like to become a VIPR Designated Driver & Travel Concierge so they may earn up to Five (5) Income Streams!

If you're already driving for another company that's OK, I'd love to hear from you as well. Click the Contact Us! button below, select "Become a VIPR Driver" and enter your information in the text box. Thanks!


Contact Us!


If you want to become a VIPR Designated Driver, but VIPR isn't available in your hometown just yet, you have the power as a Travel Concierge to develop a strong VIPR Strike Zone and bring VIPR to your town!

To develop a VIPR Strike Zone, you and other Travel Concierges simply visit Companies, Retail Businesses and Nightclubs & Bars in your hometown and convince them to join your network as an Official Blaine's Travel Club Hot Spot and Authorized VIPR Pick-UP Spot so they can build their business with the help of our Business Building System!

Each month you will receive a 10% Social Security Commission Check for the Blaine's Travel Club Business Building Services that your business members use and pay for, and then whenever VIPR goes live in your hometown, you may begin making a second stream of income as an Official VIPR Designated Driver!

NOTE: Before an area can become an active VIPR Strike Zone, it must have at least 25 Authorized VIPR Pick-Up Spots registered within a 10 mile radius.


If you're on the fence about driving for VIPR, test market VIPR and see what your current riders think! I'll send you Two (2) Free VIPR Window Stickers to help get the conversation started.

Print out some VIPR Partytown Giveaway Cards or have your cards personalized with your referral link printed on them and some VIPR Brochures.

If any of your riders ask "What's VIPR", hand them a VIPR Brochure and VIPR Partytown Giveaway Card. Give them some time to look over the brochure, and then ask them their opinions.

Before your riders get out of your car, recommend that they visit the VIPR website for additional information and to enter and nominate their hometown in the VIPR PARTYTOWN GIVEAWAY, to help bring VIPR to their area!

Click the Contact Us! button below and select Send Test Market Stickers! and then enter your Name, Email Address, and in the Comment Box enter your Mailing Address and within 36 Hours I'll mail your VIPR Windshield Stickers out.

NOTE: Print the VIPR Brochures, Two-Sided on bright white laser paper and print the VIPR Partytown Giveaway Cards, front & back on white Avery 5371 micro-perforated business card stock.


Contact Us!

  • VIPR is a unique rideshare service with a sense of humor, caring and community, giving back however we can!

  • VIPR is not a stand-alone rideshare company, it's a service of Blaine's Travel Club® adding value to our brand by safely transporting our VIPs to and from our Official Blaine's Travel Club Hot Spots.

  • Our VIPR Designated Drivers are also Travel Concierges, who are helpful and knowledgeable of what's happening within Blaine's Travel Club®, and as a collective, working hard to grow it everyday!

VIP-Riders may choose their three favorite drivers and lock them into their rider's account so whenever they need a ride, and if any of their favorite drivers are on duty, they may select the one they want. This will build a strong Rider-Driver Relationship with a strong feeling of familiarity, trust and safety!

I not only want to offer affordable, safe & reliable rides but want to reward our riders for using my service. So, I'm giving VIP-Riders 100 Travel Points for every $1 Spent on Every Ride, redeemable for any of the thousands of quality products found in our Travel Points Gift Mall & Redemption Center.

Every Year, one week before a VIP-Rider's birthday, I will add a Birthday Ride Credit to their VIPR Account, good for up to 25 Miles, that they may use From or To their Birthday Celebration or wherever they wish to go and they may invite as many friends as there are available seats in the Snake!

VIPR will be marketed directly to our Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpots, by our Travel Concierges and VIPR Designated Drivers, and when they agree to become an Official VIPR Pick-Up Spot I'll share a 5% commission with them on every ride originating from their business address!
  • The Official VIPR Pick-Up Spot may keep the 5% Commission.
  • I can add it back into their VIPR Business Account as a VIPR Ride Credit.
  • I can donate their Commissions directly to the Charity of their choice!

Authorized VIPR™ Designated Drivers may also become an Official Blaine's Travel Club Power Pyramid generating three streams of income simultaneously, one as a driver, obviously, and as a Travel Concierge they will continually receive 10% Commission Checks from the purchase of Travel Points, VIP Flash Coupons and VIP Loyalty Cards when the Companies, Retail Businesses, Bars & Nightclubs in their network, pay for any of our business building services that they use each month!

My First Promise is to our Designated Drivers, VIPR will not be offering shared rides! Sorry, I know that you're really disappointed.

Being a driver myself, I find that I'm like most drivers, I've grown to dislike "pool" or "shared" rides. I personally find them frustrating and there seems to be too many personalities and miles to drive for very little money, plus some riders are not considerate of the other passengers or the driver.

I truly believe that with the multiple income streams generated through the niche market that we're creating our VIPR Designated Drivers, Travel Concierges, Blaine's Travel Club® and VIPR as a whole will be financially just fine without offering shared rides!

My Second Promise is that VIPR Designated Drivers will never loose the opportunity of driving with us as long as manually driven vehicles exist and continue to be manufactured, because VIPR and Blaine's Travel Club® will always be dedicated to and thankful for our Designated Drivers!

As far as the future of Self-Driving Cars with VIPR, I'm not sure if we'll ever use them because the safety of our riders, dedicated drivers & pedestrians is paramount to me!

But if I do decide to add Self-Driving Cars, I already know that each car will be occupied by a Blaine's Travel Club Travel Concierge, seated in the driver's seat, riding along for added safety, to answer any questions about VIPR, Blaine's Travel Club® and what exciting things the riders can do around town!

To make VIPR stand out from all the other services, all VIPR Designated Drivers will have the option of installing and using our Music Service in their Snake, FREE-OF-CHARGE!

This will give their VIP-Riders complete control over selecting and playing their favorite music genres and they may even mix it themselves from the comfort of the back seat, if they wish, making the ride not only enjoyable but interactive, crazy fun and groovy!

I wanted the public to get involved with the early development of VIPR, so I set-up this crowd-funding campaign which will not only help raise the money needed to purchase the rideshare app, but through the VIPR Party Town Contest & Raffle!, contributors will help decide the next Official VIPR Party Town by nominating their hometown and if it wins by popular vote, all their entries will be placed in the raffle for a chance to Win a Free VIPR Hometown Ride!

VIPR will become the flagship of Blaine's Travel Club! It will be...
  • Your designated driver in minutes, getting you there safely, even to the grocery!
  • Transportation to and from our Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpots.
  • A knowledge bank of where to shop and party, ask your Travel Concierge!
  • A Disco on wheels! Let's Groove Tonight!
  • An easy way to collect Travel Points, don't burn any brain cells over this one!
  • A rolling recruiting station. As a VIPR Designated Driver/Travel Concierge, you may sign new VIPs, Travel Concierges & VIPR Designated Drivers into your network.
  • Income for VIPR Designated Drivers & Travel Concierges.
  • Income for our VIPR Pick-up Spots.
  • Income for Charitable Organizations.

Getting You & Your Vehicle
Home Safely!
A Designated Driver
In Minutes!
Opening Night! Any Night!
Arrive In Style!

Riders Collect 100 Travel Points Per Every $1 Spent On Every Ride! *

* Excludes taxes, fees, tolls, tips and VIPR™ Party Line.

Contact Us!



Another lasting impression is the music you play while transporting your Riders! Radio, CDs, Tapes and allowing your riders to plug their phone into the Auxiliary port of your vehicle's sound system has been done by every other driver in the world!

As a VIPR Designated Driver, how impressed will your riders be when they have the option to choose their favorite music genre and actually mix the music themselves, or set it to AutoMix and let our's AI Disc Jockey, Mixing Board & Music Pool randomly select a song and flawlessly mix it with the preceeding one! Quite Impressive, Huh! Give it a listen!

A portable Flash Enabled Device can be hard to find, if you know of one, please let us know so that we may inform other Travel Concierges!

We Found one Solution:
Through some research and trial & error, we discovered that you may use your Apple iPad by downloading the Photon Flash Player Browser for iPad to it and opening using their browser! This will do the trick and works incredibly well as long as you have a very strong WiFi Connection!

If you have a better solution...

Contact Us!



I'm going to launch VIPR™ ™ in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia USA, and its surrounding areas, and with your help, will soon be expanding to other neighborhoods around the country!

I welcome participation and encouragement from anywhere in the world and with the VIPR™ Party Town Contest & Raffle!, on my Indiegogo Campaign, their System will keep track of the number of contributions/nominations and where they originate from, then I will use this information to direct me to which hometown VIPR™ should grow to next!

I currently have Digital Billboards around Atlanta introducing VIPR™ and our Indiegogo Crowd-Funding Campaign.

Today Atlanta... tomorrow The WORLD!

*Locations of our Digital Billboards



Several of our Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpots in Atlanta, Georgia USA. have already signed up to be a Future VIPR Pick-Up Spot, and why wouldn't they, it will supply their patrons with reliable rides to and from their business, they'll receive 5% commission on every ride originating from their business address where they may keep the Commission, I can add it back into their Business Account as a VIPR Ride Credit, or I can donate their Commissions directly to the Charity of their choice!



Become an Official VIPR Pick-Up Spot†, we’ll give you a 5% Commission on every ride originating from your business address.
  • Your company may keep the 5% Commission.
  • I can add it back into your Business Account as a VIPR Ride Credit.
  • I can donate your Commissions directly to the Charity of your choice!
Print & Hang your Temporary "We're a Future VIPR Pick-Up Spot" Sign and when your company generates over $250 in rides I’ll give you a permanant, attractive 8x10 Backlit LED VIPR Wall Sign, shown above, to hang near your front door!

† Your company must be an Official Blaine's Travel Club® HotSpot.







cut between the tear-off tabs and hang it where concerned citizens will see, such as laundromats, bars, businesses, community bulletin boards, etc!


front & back, on Avery® Business Cards, Uncoated, Two-Sided Printing, 2" x 3-1/2", 250 Cards (5371), then hand them out, during Atlanta Pride Week, in Bars & Nightclubs and wherever you find lots of people!


with your social media followers, and email them to your friends and family and ask them to print this sign, cut between the tear-off tabs & hang it where concerned citizens will see it!

VIPR Website:
VIPR Tear-Tab Sign:
Indiegogo Funding Page:



If you decide to help spread the work through our VIPR Referral Program I'll create a personalized sign with your special web address, giving you credit for every visit and contribution from your referrals.

Contact us with your special link generated from our campaign page and a short name that your friends will know/remember, and I will create your personalized VIPR™ Sign.

Contact Us!






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@ Blaine's Travel Club®
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These days everyone needs a little financial boost, so let me mentor you on how to start your own Full-time or Part-time Blaine's Travel Club Home-Based Business, Build a stronger customer base or Raise much needed funds for your favorite charity, as you pay-it-forward by showing other people how to do the same!

Our system will show you just how easy it can be Making Money & Fun!

As a Independent Travel Concierge, I'm proud to report that with the encouragement and guidance of my mentor I have personally generated 30290.00 income since joining Blaine's Travel Club!

If you're ready, Join My Team! and let's get started...




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