Blaine's Party Network® presents Delicious Redbeats & Gravy!
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Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in the column to find an Official Blaine's Party Network HotSpot near you offering Delicious RedBeats & Gravy - Dine, Dance, Drink!

You go to your favorite Restaurant for an amazing meal, drinks and some enjoyable conversation with friends, then as you're finishing your meal everyone decides that they want to go dancing, what do you do?

Instead of getting in your car, driving somewhere else and finding a parking space (again), why not visit a Hot Spot offering Delicious Redbeats & Gravy!

When you arrive at the Hot Spot, relax and enjoy your meal, drinks and some friendly conversation, then wait for the kitchen to close and watch in amazement as the servers begin removing tables from the dining room, making it into a dance floor!

You will feel the excitement & anticipation build as tables are being removed, the music builds and the dining room lights dim! Just as the last table is being removed, buy another drink and hit the Dance Floor!

Let's Get Down & Boogie!



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