Blaine's Travel Club® presents Sexy Smart Ass, A Questionable Trivia Game!


Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in the column to find a Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpot near you offering Sexy Smart Ass - a Questionable Trivia Game!

Are you a Sexy Smart Ass? We're creating a new twist on an old favorite! Sexy Smart Ass, a Questionable Trivia Game, was created to entertain you, to educate you and to prove once and for all that you really are smarter than a Drunk 5th Grader!

Using our Blaine's Travel Club App, you simply scan each QRcode as it appears on the TV Monitors in the bar and the multiple choice questions will instantly appear on your smart phone.

Answer each question correctly and you'll collect Three Travel Points! Save your Travel Points, and when you have enough redeem them for any of the thousands of quality gifts found in our Travel Points Gift Mall.
Are you smarter than a Drunk 5th Grader? Smart Asses & Phones with our Phone App installed are required to play and as always, Please Drink Responsibly, if not, request a VIPR.




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