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Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in the column to find Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpots nearest you, offering VIP Flash Coupons!

After making the specified purchase at a participating HotSpot, Open our Phone App, Tap The VIP Flash Coupon Icon, Select their Coupon and show it to the cashier when checking out to receive your discount!


Open Our App!


Tap VIP Flash Coupon Icon!


Select a Coupon!


Flash Coupon at the Cashier to Receive Your Discount!


You're already purchasing stuff from many of your favorite businesses, why not suggest that they become an Official Blaine's Travel Club HotSpot and create a VIP Flash Coupon to help them build a stronger & more loyal customer base!

Hey, It's OK to be a little greedy and self-centered, while orchestrating your own discounts!

But first, why don't you become an Independent Traveler, then sign your favorite businesses into your network, and make 10% Social Security Commission Check every month when they pay for their Flash Coupons, Travel Points, and other business building services!




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