Income Generated!
Affiliates:  $640.00
Charities:  $293.00
Franchisees:  $29650.00
Store Owners:  $0.00
VIPR Drivers:  $0.00

Income Generated:  $30583.00
Affiliates: Commissions earned by Travel Ambassadors from the Sale of Travel Points, VIP Flash Coupons, VIP Loyalty Cards and Franchises in the Travel Points Gift Mall by Businesses and VIPs in their network.
Charities: Money raised for Charities through our Angel's Kiss Casinos, Fallen Angels, Fallen Angels Charity IMAHO and Hot Lips Body Shot Charity Challenge.
Franchisees: Income earned through Angel's Kiss Casinos, Hot Lips Body Shot Charity Challenge, and Sexhibition.
Store Vendors: Income generated through the sale of merchandise in a Travel Points Gift Mall Store.
VIPR Drivers: Income generated as a Designated VIPR Driver.
Income Generated: Total amount of income generated through Blaine's Travel Club, since its inception.

Monies generated are submitted by each Blaine's Travel Club Franchisee as they are received.