Could this possibly be The Cure for all diseases? As an open-minded free-thinking individual you be the judge.

Whenever I find information that I feel should be made available to the public I will post it here. I am not an expert on any of these topics, but I felt that I should at least post them for you to read and decide if it is of importance to you.


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Could this possibly be The Cure for all Virus Driven Diseases?
As an open-minded free-thinking individual you be the judge.


Over the years, from time to time, I've heard about "The Cure", an inexpensive everyday household product that had healing properties. Recently I received an email about "The Cure", offering an eBook that could be downloaded for $20, telling you just what it was, where to get it and how to use it.

I did some google searching to see if I could find out what this inexpensive household product was without having to purchase the book. I found a website that explained it was Hydrogen Peroxide, 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) to be exact. Now that I knew what it was, I did another google search for "35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide" and one of the resulting websites had an informative report (.pdf file) about the effects & benefits of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide, that you could Download the Report and Print Instructions for FREE!

As I read this report I became uneasy, then angry, wondering why this information was being kept from the public. It was at that moment that I felt compelled to make this information available to as many people that were willing to read it. I hope after reading this report you to will want to help tell the world about this mind-blowing medical secret by sending them to this webpage.

Tell everyone you talk to, send emails to everyone in your address book, post to every social network you belong to: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., handouts, flyers, put a tag in the signature line of your emails, place a banner on your website (see below) or any other way that you may think of.

Since my mother was a breast cancer surviver and my Best Friend, Clarence "Butch" Hess, died with HIV/AIDS, I was most interested in the Chapter: AIDS AND CANCER CURED BY HYPER-OXYGENATION starting on Page 16 of this report and the instructions: Protocol for the Self-Administration of Hydrogen Peroxide by Walter Grotz on Page 21. If this information were made public when it was first available, and not denounced by the FDA, pharmaceutical companies, politicians, hospitals, doctors, etc., for the purpose of further financial gain, my mother & friends would not have suffered!

Just like I have the right to "Freedom of Speech" to write this article and offer this Free Download, you have the right to "Freedom of Choice" to decide if this information is true or not! (When you read the bottom of Page 13 of this report, I just know that you will be shocked & pissed off to read what President Reagan and members of the FDA did!!)

Please read this report with an open-mind, do more research, consult your doctor (keeping in mind that this inexpensive therapy/cure could quite literally put him/her, pharmaceutical companies, etc. out of business) and if you decide to begin self-adminstered hydrogen peroxide thearapy, keep detailed records of your progress and please keep me informed.... better yet, if you have a blog (Health Journal) of your progress back to optimum health, contact us and I'll list it here.

Just like the court case proved that the cigarette companies knew that cigarettes caused cancer, when they said they didn't, now, when we can get enough documented proof of individual success stories using hydrogen peroxide therapy, we will have the same opportunity to ask the FDA in court why they denounced the curable properties of hydrogen peroxide, while allowing millions of people to suffer and die?
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Here's to your wellness,
Blaine Klingaman
Founder Blaine's Travel Club, LLC
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** By the way, I started administering hydrogen peroxide to myself on June 4th 2009, in a few of days the abscess tooth that I had went away. Was it the hydrogen peroxide doing it's thing or did the abscess simply go away on it's own? Either way I'm glad it's gone! )

** Update: June 17, 2009 - I noticed the hard crusty bumps that I've had several places on my body for over 20 years, seem to be smoothing out. (Skin Cancer? Stress Bumps?, I don't know because I never went to the doctor about them. Don't say it, I know I'm an idiot).

** Update: September 14, 2009 - I used to clip my fingernails once every three-four weeks, now I have to clip them every other week, plus they seem to be much stronger/thicker. My lower back pain seems to be almost gone, and what I assumed was arthritis in my hands has gone altogether plus I have regained strength in my hands.

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