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Delicious Red Beats are the freshest, hottest, most delicious beats right out of the can, guaranteed to satisfy anyone's appetite!

We're making our Online DJ Mixing Board available to the world: Bars, Nightclubs, Radio Stations, professional & amateur DJs and music lovers like you and me who want to practice to become a DJ, create personal mixes of their favorite beats or throw one of the sickest neighborhood dance parties EVER!

Our Red Beats DJ Mixing Board is compatible with....
  • Win/Mac/Linux All Browsers (with flash)
  • Android Devices (with flash)
  • Win8/10/RT Devices (with flash)

  • Double-Player with Crossfader
  • BeatSync (simply the best on the market!)
  • Playback Speed Control with Keylock (tone not altered!)
  • Mix Recording / Live-Broadcast / Sharing
  • Realistic Vinyl Scratch Engine
  • Seamless Loop and Seek (BeatJump)
  • Realtime Audio FX
  • Multiple Cue Points
  • Over 60 Sound Effects
  • External Midi Decks (beta)
  • Headphone Cueing (with Y-mono-splitter)
  • Personal DJ (Automixes your favorite Music Genre!)
Our Delicious Red Beats DJ Mixing Board & Automix Personal DJ is FREE for your Personal Use & Enjoyment! Tell all your friends!

If you'll be making money while using or resulting from using our Delicious Red Beats DJ Mixing Board, like selling mixes, you may Lease it by the Day, Week or Month! Economical & Guilt Free!


DJ Mixing Board





Turn your music, from any era, recorded on Glass, Wood, Wax, Vinyl, Reel to Reel, 8-Track, Cassette, Laser Disc. or CD, etc. into an .mp3 file!

Back-up your music library to our growing list of 384 Titles! For each title you add, we'll give you 500 Party Points, redeemable for any of the quality products found in our Party Points Gift Mall & Redemption Center.


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As a DJ, you come into contact with Bar Owners, other DJs & VIPs (Very Intelligent Partiers), the logical thing to do is Join The Party! and become a Party Concierge then sign them into your network and receive 10% commission from all cash purchases they make in our Party Points Gift Mall & Redemption Center.


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