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why did you start your company?

Self-preservation, I didn't want to become a homeless old man!

Many years ago the United States Government announced that it's very possible that in the future we may not receive our Social Security Checks anymore, or if we do, they will not be the full amount. (If you're not aware, they took our SSI money without asking, and used it to pay for war, basically stealing our money from us!)

Why this scared me so! For the first 12-15 years of my young adult life I was working in a tipped environment, I bartended and waited tables, and to this day I do not have any 401ks or money in the bank. In the past I've always made sure that I enjoyed the job I took, over how much money I made while doing it. I still live by this, but I probably should have suffered like everyone else and I wouldn't have to worry so much about living without Social Security.

So, to prepare if this should come true, I decided that I had to take the situation into my own hands and create a way to make money, consistently for the rest of my life, no matter how old I got or incapable I became.

I thought about this long & hard, and I decided that if I could take my original game "Sexhibition, An Outrageous Flirtation Game" that I created back in 1995, shake the dust off of it, turn it into a franchise, sell it online, and help the franchisees around the globe start their own business while performing "Sexhibition" in just about every bar in the world, money could easily be made!

It didn't take me long to realize that everything that I was creating to generate money for myself, could seriously help other people in the same boat! With the development of Franchise sales, it wasn't long before I added Multi-Level Marketing to my company! . . .


Over the past 10 years, my company changed as I added more things to help generate money. First my company was called "iSexhibition", then "iSexy Party Network®", then "iSexy Travel Network®", and only a few months ago I changed it to "Blaine's Travel Club®, the final name, honest!

I'm a procrastinator and perfectionist, probably the worst two traits anyone can have if they ever want to get anything done, plus my mind is always creating or re-creating something to make it better, the ultimate entrepreuer, plus I'm a graphic artist by trade, taught myself web design, I like to do everything myself and I like to help others when I can, oh, and I like to make people laugh, yes, I'm crazy!

Enough about me, let's talk about how "Blaine's Travel Club"® became what it is today... OK, it's more about me, Blaine, Blaine, Blaine! (I always wanted to be Marsha on the Brady Bunch).

Blaine's Travel Club® started out mostly for self-preservation, plus I like to dance!

Ten years ago our government announced that we my not see our Social Security Checks and if we do they may not be the full amount (because they used our money for war, they didn't actually say that, but you could hear it). This hit me like a ton of bricks because most of my young adult life I worked in the service industry (no, not that one, well, just that one day) making tips, and I realized if I didn't somehow come up with my own Social Security Checks in the future that I was going to be a homeless old man.

The first game that I re-created was "Sexhibition", (hats off to the original creator!) which I re-performed at "Burkhart's Pub" back in 1995ish. I decided if I could resurrect it, turn it into a franchise and sell it around the world via the all absorbing internet, change the name to "iSexhibition" since it was going to be accessed over the all absorbing internet, that I would start getting my own Social Security Checks each month that I needed to survive.

As I began, it didn't take me long to realize that I could help other fellow service industry workers as well, so "iSexhibition" slowly developed into an affiliate program, direct marketing, multi-level marketing, pyramid scheme (but the good "we're not going to screw you" kind) whatever you want to call it, with the affiliates called "Party Concierges".

(NOTE: from here on out, things may not be in chronological order, many senior moments.)

Next, I wanted to help raise money for non-profit organizations and help the homeless... Back in 1981ish, I came up with the idea to raise money for the newly founded AID Atlanta, I was going to call it "Million Dollar Baby" and I was going to live on the movie marque of the "The Midtown Playhouse", Atlanta's first gay cinema draft house, until I raised One Million Dollars, but my boss who also owned "The Knight Owl" next door, would not cover my apartment rent while I did it (I think the publicity alone would have been worth more than my rent) so it never happened.

I was telling a friend of mine, Marty McTaggart, an openly gay Atlanta Fireman, my story and he could see how disappointed I was that he came back to me a few days later telling me that he talked to some friends and they decided that we could do a fundraiser ourselves with the help of the entire community. We ended up calling it "54 Hours of Care" (from Friday at Noon until Sunday at Midnight) and our goal was to raise $54,000.00... we only raised $13,000 but that was still a win back when most people didn't even want to talk about AIDS or acknowledge that it existed.

With my past memories, I created "Angel's Kiss Casinos" to raise money for charity, then spinning off with my camp drag troupe, "Fallen Angel's, Bad Girls Doing Good Things" and then spinning off with "Fallen Angel's IMAHO" (my version of BINGO).

Blainesville Route 180, was created to help the homeless.

Since I love to dance and wanted to create something for me to do when I get older instead of shuffling around looking for my left shoe, I created Disco Happy Hour, and because of this Blaine's Travel Club® is dedicated to honoring and celebrating the lives and spirit of the Original Party Animals, our respected and beloved Baby Boomers & Senior, who inspire us, and during the 40s, Rock 'n Roll 50s, thru the Disco 70s & beyond, have set the standard for how we party, even to this day!, my online AI Disc Jockey, Mixing Board & Music Pool sprang from Disco Happy Hour. Free for personal use, and for a small usage fee may be used by businesses for background music and Flash Dances and Disc Jockeys may use the Music Pool for its extensive library.


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