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As of 2014, Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1964 are now all over the age of 50, all 76 Million of us! As we age it's only normal to worry about our future and things like our financial, physical and mental health.

According to AARP, To conserve spending and help make ends meet 51 Million Americans live in multigenerational homes and those numbers are increasing. Many older workers can't find jobs so they are creating their own, like becoming a Travel Ambassador, and are being dubbed reluctant entrepreneurs.

Baby Boomers are retiring earlier and living longer. So what do we do with all that extra time? Volunteering, working part-time, or going dancing at a Senior Class Promenade/Retro Happy Hour, helps pass the time, keeps your body fit and your mind alert with a good positive attitude and the satisfaction of helping others.

Being a Boomer myself, I wanted to step up and help by creating a lot of activities in Blaine's Travel Club® with Seniors & Baby Boomers in mind, resulting in the Senior Class Project!  Below I have suggested several things that could be the answer to some of your personal needs and wants!

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This Dance Party is a FREE OFFER to all Adult Living Communities around the globe! If you know of any Adult Living Communities that you think would enjoy a Senior Class Promenade, please help and Suggest One or more!

(1) If you have an activities or banquet room, (2) a way to connect a computer, laptop, or tablet to your sound system, (3) and the ability to connect to the internet:, you can offer a Senior Class Promenade or Retro Happy Hour to your residents! NO Disc Jockey required!
  • Consider setting-up a tablet on a counter top, so your residents may request-a-song whenever they like!  >>>

  • If your community has it's own Bar serving Alcoholic Beverages, you may choose to use the name "Retro Happy Hour" instead!

  • I'll email you a paper sign promoting my Senior Class Promenade (Retro Happy Hour)... and, in the future, if it becomes a permanent activity, I'll send you a Lighted LED Sign.

  • If your community were to become an Official VIPR Village Pickup Spot, and you help advertise it with a lighted LED sign, I will share a 10% Commission with you from every ride that originates from your front door.  >>>

  • Like I mentioned before, The Senior Class Promenade is Free, but, if you want to add fun things like, Best Costume, Best Dance Contest, etc., you can give away Travel Points (think S&H Green Stamps) as prizes, that will only cost $0.01 (one penny) each!

Your residents may Request-a-Song!

Furnish Rides to and From your community!

A dance party, like the Senior Class Promenade/Retro Happy Hour, offers unique benefits for senior citizens compared to more traditional forms of exercise like walking, jogging, yoga, swimming, aerobics, or going to the gym. Here are some of the advantages:

social interaction:
Dance parties provide an opportunity for seniors to socialize and connect with others, reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness commonly experienced in older age. Engaging in group activities like dancing fosters a sense of community and belonging.

physical activity:
Dancing involves movement of the entire body, providing a comprehensive workout that enhances cardiovascular health, flexibility, balance, and muscle strength. It offers a fun and enjoyable way to stay active without feeling like traditional exercise.

mental stimulation:
Learning and remembering dance steps challenges the brain, promoting cognitive function and memory retention. This can help seniors maintain mental sharpness and prevent cognitive decline associated with aging.

emotional well-being:
Dancing releases endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals, which can boost mood and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The music, rhythm, and social interaction associated with dance parties further contribute to emotional well-being and overall happiness.

improvement in balance & coordination:
Many dance styles require coordination and balance, which are crucial for preventing falls and maintaining mobility as seniors age. Regular participation in dance can improve proprioception and spatial awareness, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

variety & fun:
Dance parties offer a dynamic and varied form of exercise compared to more repetitive activities like jogging or swimming. With different styles of music and dance, seniors can enjoy exploring new movements and expressing themselves creatively while having fun.

accessible to all fitness levels:
Dance can be adapted to suit individual abilities and fitness levels, making it accessible to seniors with varying physical capabilities. Whether it's slow waltzes or energetic salsa, there's a dance style suitable for everyone.

long-term engagement:
Unlike traditional exercise routines that may become monotonous over time, dance parties offer ongoing engagement and motivation. Seniors are more likely to stick with a regular exercise regimen when it's enjoyable and socially rewarding.

In summary, a Senior Class Promenade dance party provides numerous physical, mental, and social benefits that contribute to overall health and well-being in older adults, making it a highly attractive option for staying active and vibrant in the senior years.






Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in the column to find Official Blaine's Travel Club® HotSpots nearest you, that are giving away Travel Points!

Remember sitting around the kitchen table, as a kid with the family, licking S&H Green Stamps and sticking them in the Quick Saver Book, taking a swig of RC Cola (Moon Pies optional), Coke, Pepsi or HEHI between licks?

Well lick no more! With our Travel Points Membership Rewards Program, all you have to do is open Blaine's Travel Club® App, point & scan the QRcode, and your Travel Points are immediately placed in your Travel Points Gift Mall & Redemption Center account, ready for redemption. Wow, how times have changed!

To begin collecting Travel Points, all you have to do is Join The Club! becoming a VIP (Very Intelligent Partier), download our Blaine's Travel Club® App to your phone and you're ready to collect Travel Points whenever the opportunity arises!



Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in the column to find Official Blaine's Travel Club® HotSpots nearest you, offering an Angel's Kiss Casino!

To keep your body fit and your mind sharp, consider becoming a Heavenly Host. Volunteering as a Casino Floor Host or Blackjack Dealer once or twice a week will help us raise money for Charity through our Angel's Kiss Casinos.

Volunteering will give you a reason to dress up, get out of the house, socialize and play Blackjack or a Blast From The Past playing Pacman, Frogger, Centipede, Galaga, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong plus 50 More Games, with Casino Guests, and not to mention the satisfaction of helping others in need!



Open our Phone App and tap , then look for a in the column to find Official Blaine's Travel Club® HotSpots nearest you, showcasing Fallen Angels!

As a Heavenly Host you may also volunteer to be a Fallen Angel. Fallen Angels entertain in Camp Drag Style and volunteer their time & talent to live or lip-synch performances while donating 100% of their tips to Charity through Blaine's Travel Club® Angel's Kiss Casinos.

Become a Fallen Angel and receive the pleasure of helping others, duct taping your junk, hearing the roar of applause (or "bitch, get off the stage!") and it goes without saying; Feeling Pretty!  Contact the Heavenly Host Chapter nearest you to volunteer!



Join My Team!, and as an Independent Travel Ambassador, several income opportunities are available to you!

To generate income while keeping your body fit and your mind sharp, consider starting your own lucrative home-based business, part-time or full-time, through our Blaine's Travel Club® Affiliate Program or consider purchasing one of our unique Franchises!

Get together with a group of your friends from your Adult Living Community, or you can partner with your kids and/or grandkids and/or great-grandkids and make it an Outrageously Fun Family Business, that can be passed down to the next generation!


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Remember, you're never too old to Learn, Party or Help others! Let's show them how it's done while making some supplemental income!

If I may be of assistance helping you find an Official Blaine's Travel Club® Business Partner for your neighborhood's Disco Happy Hour or creating a Heavenly Host Chapter in your area, please don't hesitate to contact me at the email address under my picture!

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